Monday, May 16, 2011

Soul Success

“Love is tested everyday and what is not renewed is lost.
One chooses to either care more or to care less.”

This is the sentence in the book The Lost Garden by Helen Humphreys that compelled me to stop reading, open up a blank page and share my inspiration.
After only five chapters, I was taken with the elegance of how the author urges us to nourish and grow all that we love, whether it is our spouse and children, our home and garden or ourselves.
The world seems to be getting more and more fast paced, sending everyone on a mission to become bigger, better and more successful.
What if we measured our success on a daily basis by the impact we made on another rather than by a monthly report, or the number of books sold, or how many goals or intentions were met?
I’m thinking I’m not so concerned anymore about where I’ll be in five years.
I’ve decided to set aside the motivational books and tapes and magazines for a while.
This is where I live and write, this is where my garden grows, and this is where my children and grandchildren and friends come.
I not only thrive ~ I flourish.
Now back to Helen’s wonderful book.

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